Merchant Partner Benefits


The objective of this proposal is to invite you to enter into a Strategic Partnership with EMS Online Shop as a Selling Merchant Partner and provide discount privileges of products and/or services through point system to EMS Online Shop community members.

How will you benefit?

1. You will gain new customers who will eagerly choose you over your competitors. Thanks to the power of profit-driven, word-of-mouth referral and online advertising.

2. These community members will be very loyal to you. Thanks to one of the largest and most successful referral and loyalty point programs in the Philippines, and soon, worldwide.

3. You will be recognized as a selling merchant partner on EMS Online Shop platform with map locator and store direction.

4. You will be advertised and promoted by hundreds and thousands of EMS Online Shop community members.

5. You will be able to create your web store presence and post your products and services on the EMS Online Shop online platform.

6. You will receive real-time notification on your dashboard when there is a request for purchase from the member.

7. You will be provided with secure payment facilities to ensure purchases and accuracy of payments.

8. You will be given a privilege to join in our referral and loyalty reward system should you be able to refer others to become members and merchant’s sponsor override should you be able to refer to us other companies or establishments who can be part of our Merchant Partner Program.

9. We believe that EMS Online Shop community is a great avenue to help you increase your revenue and support the growth of your business.
What We Want From You?
As the company gears into expanding its membership organization and strengthening its community locally and internationally, we would want you to become our Selling Partner Merchant by providing discount privileges of products and/or services through referral and loyalty rewards point system for our shopping members posted on the Platform.
List of requirements to become a EMS Online Shop Merchant
1. You must to be a rightful owner of the products and services you offer to EMS Online Shop community members.

2. You must submit all the necessary business licenses to (kindly indicate your EMS Online Shop account ID).

2.1. SEC/DTI registration

2.2. BIR Certificate of registration

2.3. Mayor’s Permit

2.4. Certificate of product approval (if applicable)

2.5. FDA (if applicable)


#27 Unit5 19th Avenue, Cubao Townhouse,
San Roque Quezon City.





Merchant Partnership