Welcome to EMS Membership Shopping Corp. Please read these TERMS AND CONDITIONS (T&Cs) prior to completing the registration for an account with EMS Membership Shopping Corp (EMS-MSC). The following T&Cs shall govern the terms under which you may access and use the products of EMS-MSC, the EMS-MSC MasterCard, EMS-MSC website, EMS-MSC App and the services associated with it (together “EMS-MSC Service” or “EMS-MSC Services”). By registering to EMS-MSC or using the EMS-MSC App, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the T&Cs. Please also read the Privacy Policy of EMS-MSC and Acceptable Use Policy before you use any portion of the EMS-MSC Service. The Privacy Policy describes how your personal data is collected and processed when you use the EMS-MSC Service. The Acceptable Use Policy defines the set of rules that you should comply with when using the EMS-MSC App. If you do not understand or do not wish to be bound by the T&Cs or Privacy Policy, you should not access or use any portion of the EMS-MSC Service.

These T&Cs shall be effective, valid and binding from the time you agreed to it and will exist up to the time that it is terminated by you or us, save for those provisions that will remain effective after termination as stated in these T&Cs, laws or regulations.

EMS-MSC reserves the right to modify these T&Cs at any time without any advance notice. Any changes to these T&Cs will be effective immediately upon posting on this page, with an updated effective date. By accessing or using the EMS-MSC Service after any changes have been made, you signify your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified T&Cs and all the changes. Be sure to turn to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with most current version of the T&Cs.

Any version of these T&Cs in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language version will control if there is any conflict.

Under these T&Cs, the terms “EMS-MSC”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to EMS Membership Shopping Corp. together with its employees, directors, affiliates, successor and assigns. EMS-MSC is duly registered with and licensed by the Security and Exchange Commission and other Government Agencies.


1.1 By accepting the T&Cs, you represent that you are at least 18 years old to register for EMS-MSC account. If you are younger than 18, parental consent will be required of you.

1.2 If you are a business entity, you also represent that you are duly authorized to do business and your employees, officers, representative and other agents accessing or using the EMS-MSC Service are duly authorized to access and use the EMS-MSC Service and to legally bind you to these T&Cs and all transactions conducted under your username and password.


2.1 When you accept these T&Cs, you are setting up your EMS-MSC Wallet that is associated with your mobile number and email address. Depending on the specific EMS-MSC Service that you are availing, you will be asked to provide information such as your complete name, present and/or permanent address, date of birth, nationality, source of funds, photo of yourself and signature in accordance with the requirements of Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) requirements of the BSP. We may verify your registration information through a third party verification vendor, as we may deem necessary. In some cases, we may ask you to provide additional details or information that can aid in verifying your identity.

2.2 You agree to provide all necessary information and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation that we may require in order to complete the verification. The information you provide will be used to determine if you are eligible to begin and/or continue to use your EMS-MSC Wallet or the EMS-MSC Service. We reserve the right to close, suspend or limit your access to your EMS-MSC Wallet and/or EMS-MSC Service in the event that we are unable to obtain or verify our information. All collection and use of your personal data by us is subject to the Privacy Policy of EMS-MSC.

2.3 You are responsible for providing accurate registration information and for keeping your registration information up to date, or notifying us in the event of changes. In addition, as certain EMS-MSC Services may become available or be offered only on selective basis or promotional basis, supplementary information may be required from your end in order to enable the relevant EMS-MSC Services or avail of the EMS-MSC Service.

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